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Last month, I visited Colorado and was lovingly welcomed by the Stanley family.

During my stay I was able to meet with some wonderful members of the CW team and we chatted about our plans for 2018, and the upcoming events in the UK. This events list will be published soon, so do keep your eyes peeled.
We then took a day to drive to Colorado Springs, to visit the Realm of Caring HQ and meet with Heather Barnes Jackson the CEO.

The Realm is a wonderful place and has recently opened a child development centre. This enables staff members to take their children with additional needs to work and be looked after and educated on site.

I met the beautiful Zaki, Heathers son, in the Education rooms and saw his legendary beaming smile with my own eyes, he’s such a sweet boy. Zaki has Doose syndrome, and along with Charlotte, was one of the first children to begin using CW as a way to address health issues.

Heather and the care team work so hard in responding to a rocketing amount of enquiries from around the world regarding the use of Cannabinoids/Cannabis, and we are so very grateful for the support that is offered to our Savage Cabbage Customers.
Towards the end of our stay with the Stanley family, we were completely privileged to be taken to visit the Charlotte’s Web Greenhouses and grow.

I was completely blown away by this experience, and this is now a memory that will stay with me forever.

As many of you know, my introduction to Charlotte’s Web & The Stanley Brothers was by watching the documentary ‘WEED”.
The documentary showcased the journey of Paige Figi, Charlotte’s mum, and her quest to access safe CBD oil for her daughter.
The grow I visited was featured in this documentary, and to visit in person was fabulous.

My personal health journey has been so significant and I owe so much to the Stanley Brothers and to CW Hemp.

After watching the WEED documentary I decided to take a chance and try this product for myself, with such staggering results, I knew I had to share my experience with the world.

Savage Cabbage was set up because of my positive experiences, and as we have grown as a company and a team, so has our outreach.

We are supporting individuals in over 61 countries so far, and continue to grow.

The Stanley Family, their team at CW Hemp and their kindness and support towards me is completely wonderful, and I feel very blessed to be a part of this with them.

Jade Proudman- CEO