Trew Fields

Come and join us at Trew Fields!

Trew Fields is a groundbreaking cancer awareness & holistic health festival on July 5th-7th 2019.

A weekend of inspiring talks, workshops, music and play. Bringing together world-renowned health professionals, researchers, wellbeing experts and those living well with & beyond cancer. All set on a beautiful farm in the countryside where the atmosphere’s ‘like walking into a giant hug’.

The weekend is curated to engage, empower and uplift. It’s a celebration of knowledge sharing & connection. We aim to inspire greater health, hosting educational conversations, open debates & first-hand experiences. With woodland workshops, massages, yoga, arts & crafts, silent discos, meditation, Storytelling, live fermentation workshops & MUCH more for all the family!

, Trew Fields





The aim is to create a more progressive & hemp-filled, fun-packed event around illness, prevention & integrative medicine. It’s all about health and wellbeing – with a special zone for cancer awareness. Trew Fields helps to re-frame the aggressive mainstream narrative surrounding illness into one of proactivity. We host debates and talks on prevention focusing on our health endemic of lifestyle disease.

Trew Fields is a festival for positive social & environmental change. A gathering for the whole family, it’s welcoming and inclusive for all ages, circumstances and experiences.

Whether you’re curiously dipping your toes in the holistic health world or are a seasoned explorer, we’ll welcome you with open arms & open hearts.

See you in the field?