A beginner’s guide to CBD: What you need to know

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Nowadays, CBD is everywhere. On the news, all over social media, in shop windows and even celebrity endorsements. Its popularity has exploded over recent years with people around the world using the hemp-derived compound to enhance their daily wellness routine. 

Are you curious about giving it a try, or keen to learn more information on how it works and how to use it? Worry not, because this article will share questions and answers with everything you need to get started with CBD. 


What is CBD Oil?

To understand CBD Oil, we need to understand the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is an important central nervous system in the human body that contributes to homeostasis. 

The ECS operates through compounds called cannabinoids. Some cannabinoids are made by your body (called endocannabinoids). Others are made by plants like hemp (called phytocannabinoids). CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is one of the most well-known phytocannabinoids found in the hemp plant. 

CBD Oil is typically made from a hemp extract and a carrier oil. The presence of a carrier oil like olive oil or MCT oil suspends the hemp extract and allows it to be absorbed when consumed sublingually. 


Will CBD oil get me high? Will CBD make me fail a drugs test?

While the hemp and cannabis plants are the same from a botanical standpoint, the key differentiator between the two is the level of THC present in the plant. THC is another common phytocannabinoid often referred to as the older brother compound of CBD, renowned for its intoxicating effect. Simply put, THC gets you high. 

Hemp, on the other hand, is high in CBD and non-intoxicating. In the UK, the current limit of THC in hemp products is 0.2%, although this limit is 0.3% in the US and 1% in Switzerland. The world currently lacks a harmonised definition for hemp due to the varying limits on the amounts of THC allowed. 

Drug tests do not screen for CBD, since it is not an intoxicating compound. However, THC is generally a controlled substance and does show up on a drugs test. Even if you are consuming a full spectrum hemp product that has trace amounts of THC, there is a chance that you could test positive for THC in a test. 


What is a full spectrum hemp oil?

CBD has rapidly become the headline compound of the hemp plant, however CBD is just one of over 80 phytocannabinoids that can be found in the hemp plant. Others include CBG, CBC, CBN and many more, all with their own benefits and use cases. 

The 3 main types of hemp products can be summarised as: 

  1. Isolates: Products typically sold as CBD Oil, these contain only CBD and no other cannabinoids or plant compounds
  2. Broad Spectrum: Products that have the CBD and a variety of other plant compounds, but have had THC removed to as close to 0% as possible
  3. Full spectrum: Products that have the full array of hemp compounds, including trace amounts of THC

At Savage Cabbage, we remain committed to full spectrum hemp oils, as they include the full array of plant compounds in the hemp plant. This means other phytocannabinoids, as well as other beneficial compounds like terpenes and flavonoids. 

All the plant-powered goodness found in hemp compounds are reported to work together synergistically to provide better overall wellness. Simply put, it means that all the natural compounds are more effective together than when they are isolated. This has been coined The Entourage Effect by scientists. 


Why do people take CBD?

CBD has been purported to have a wide variety of benefits to human wellness. But what exactly does it do and why are so many people swearing by it as part of their essential daily routine? 

Unfortunately regulation dictates that we cannot communicate all of the feedback we have received from our customers regarding how CBD has positively impacted their wellness. 

A lot of research is being completed on CBD, other phytocannabinoids and the ECS. Some of the reported benefits of CBD oil include: 

  • Supporting your rhythm over a day and navigating modern-day life stressors
  • Helping to maintain a sense of balance
  • Making it easier to relax and let go of negative emotions
  • A soothing, positive feeling and a sense of serenity
  • Supporting with a healthier sleep cycle


What types of CBD products are there? 

CBD oil remains the most popular product in the UK, although more product types have been introduced in recent years as a result of the booming popularity of the hemp compound. 

CBD Oil: At Savage Cabbage, we only focus on full spectrum CBD oils that contain high-quality, full spectrum CBD oil with a host of other beneficial plant compounds including cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. These are organically extracted from the hemp plant and turned into a tincture format that is consumed sublingually. The oil format is popular with consumers due to CBD being absorbed through the vessels directly under the tongue, which allows for easy entrance into the bloodstream. These products are often the strongest and have one of the highest bioavailabilities of all CBD products. 

CBD Capsules: Capsules offer a level of convenience versus CBD oil in tincture format. Capsules like Charlotte’s Web CBD liquid capsules offer precise dosing for consumers in a format that is convenient and easy to carry on the go. 

CBD Gummies: Gummies are one of the fastest-growing consumption methods across the food supplement area, combining flavour and taste with convenience. A multitude of options exist out there and mimic traditional gummy sweets, however our Charlotte’s Web CBD gummies are different. They’re a fast way to consume premium quality CBD with other functional ingredients like lemon balm and turmeric. 


How should I use CBD Oil?

Now that you have an understanding of what CBD oil is, how should you use it? And ensure that you get the best effect from it? 

How much should I take? When deciding how much to take, consider the strength of the product you are consuming. It is always recommended to start with a low dose of a high-quality product and work your way up until you find the ‘sweet spot’ of your desired effects. 

How do I get the best results? We recommend being structured with your supplement routine, much the same as any other beneficial routine. Maintain consistency with your routine over several weeks and monitor effects over a prolonged period. There is no value in trying CBD for a few days and proclaiming it doesn’t work!

How will CBD make me feel? CBD products will not intoxicate you, even if they are full spectrum products with trace amounts of THC. The effects of CBD on every individual are different and depend on several physiological and physical factors. Everyone is different, and it will become clear over time what the impact of CBD does to your wellness over a prolonged period of using CBD products. One can describe the overall feeling as one of general wellness and feeling good.

How important is quality? The reality is that not all CBD products are made equal. There is a significant difference in quality across the CBD market and consumers must be careful to ensure they are consuming safe and efficacious products. At Savage Cabbage, we maintain a highly selective policy for our products to ensure transparency and confidence with our valued community in over 40 countries. Charlotte’s Web is our lead partner brand and has played an important role in developing the quality standards for the rest of the industry to follow. 

What makes Charlotte’s Web different?

  • Charlotte’s Web only cultivates patented, proprietary hemp varieties that were bred and developed specifically for their unique characteristics. As a result, they have a rich phytochemical profile like no other in the world.
  • A certified B-Corp, which means the company meets strict standards in terms of environmental sustainability, community and social responsibility and public transparency to balance profits with purpose.
  • Full control of the production process from seed to shelf, with over 20 rounds of testing through the process to ensure the integrity and quality of the products. Charlotte’s Web even tests the water and soil to ensure optimal production methods.

DISCLAIMER: We endeavour to maintain compliance standards as required by all relevant UK regulators, and in particular the Medicines and Healthcare MHRA). Our products are sold as wellness supplements to support a balanced and healthy lifestyle and accordingly no medicinal claims are made.